This song, “Yesterday” by the Beatles speaks of a lover scorn and have many questions. Many of the questions are about his actions of doing something wrong. It’s seems troubles were far behind, yesterday.

Reminds me of our life today. How things have changed and life as we have known it seems like yesterday and so far away.

Some might have questions and wonder why, but like the songs says, “I believe in yesterday.” Not only yesterday, I believe in. I believe in tomorrow. I believe once again better days will come.

In the wake of the pandemic, please don’t tell me it’s not real, If you haven’t had someone affected by it or died from it . These are the ones holding memories of yesterday.

(I do not own the copy rights to this song or lyrics)

If I Could Sing

I’ll admit I can’t sing as I desire, so

I’ll leave singing to those I admire.

I’ll just keep my dancing shoes on, and

I’ll do a little dance to R & B songs. 

But, if I could sing…

I’d sing when a song spring forth.

I’d sing out loud walking down the aisle.

I’d sing along with the sparrows when I wake up.

I’d sing with the crows until I fall asleep.

I’d sing gospel on weekdays. 

I’d sing songs of praise without a reason.

When I am happy or sad, I’d sing blues.

I’d sing a little jazz, too. 

I’d write my own love songs to sing along.

I’d sing them acapella like a diva anywhere.

I’d sing in a crowd without anyone asking.

I’d sing karaoke at anyone request.

Oh, if I could sing, I would!