I Can’t Lose Control, Yet


These metaphysical walls are crashing,

diabolical illusions of destruction awaits me.

Psychotic thoughts controls my brain mechanism.



I’m in the middle of changing the baby’s

diaper, can’t lose total control, yet!

The garbage needs to taken out.

The garbage collector comes on Monday.

Random thoughts are causing me to smash

my head against these walls- they’re

invading my brains.

My brain is going dead.



Need to get some double AA batteries

for the flashlight.

I’m crying for help,

do you understand?

People inside my head are laughing.

just told them to stop

get their own life.

I’m about to lose my mind.



I can’t!

Need to cook breakfast.

The children are hungry.

Just burned the toast again.

I need to buy the baby’s milk.

Voices have started again.

I’m losing it.



Can’t give up yet.

Ashley will finish college soon.

Got to see her graduate.

I need to take these meds.

Can’t think straight.

What did I do with those keys?

It is 5:00 p.m?

I am late.

Almost forgot,

have to pick up Joe from work.



I have some running to do.

Need to run by the store.

Got to pick up the baby’s milk.

I should run off this road and crash.

No, I can’t.

Didn’t pay the car insurance.

Feel like a wreck.



Can’t lose it.

Got to take out the garbage,

buy the baby’s milk,

see Ashley graduate,

pick up Joe from work.

I can’t lose control!


13 thoughts on “I Can’t Lose Control, Yet

  1. This gave me chills. I have a two year old, my little sister is about to graduate college, and my husbands name is Joe😂 So my brain is generally similar to scrambled eggs. Beautiful writing!


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