An Eyewitness Account

His agony was excruciating,

but they taunted him.

He fought violently for silence,

but the sounds did not fade.

When I listened closer,

their vexing sounds,

I could not hear.

He sprinted from his bedroom,

out the door he stormed.

I saw him ran for cover,

from them he tried to hide.

I took a look to see who they were,

not a soul I saw.

Boisterous, I heard him yell,

and he cussed profusely.

Commanding them to be still,

it was only him in view.

Although l have never heard

the varmints speak,

the distance in his eyes I observed.

As he stared into the distance,

he wandered away relentlessly.

He tried to put them in his past,

but his past was not distanced.

Soon  I  realized,

he had distanced himself.


~Yvonne L




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