Love Notes



sweet kisses

ignite intimate flames

caresses the heart’s desire

breathes new life

sensational feelings



Love is Found  

Love is found, 

on the open tips of a rosebud,

in the bouquets sent special delivery,

the lips where sweet words are uttered

and in hearts opened wide.

Love is found,

in the sparkles from one’s eyes,

the smiles on sweet faces,

from the rhythms of two heartbeats,

and gentleness of a tender touch.

Love is found,

in a first hello,

or I love you,

the warmth of an embrace,

sweet gentle hugs,

in the soul buried deep.

Love is found,

in actions or

deep within crevices

of places unexpected.


Always and Forever Love

May the love that found its way into hearts

always have a permanent home to stay.

May the love that burns within

always keeps its eternal flame.

May the love that brings laughter,

always be the love which bring smiles.

May the love that is declared before others in marriage

always be the love that anchors and support.

May the love drew lovers together

always be the love that keeps them bind.


~Yvonne Lott


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