Poets (Part II)

Poets are dreamers of dreams,

Masters of their universe created by ink.

Poets express their inner-most thoughts,

then secretly encrypt them into words.

Poets dare to get out-the-box,

they will step into any fashion or form desired.

Poets do not always conform to the ways of society,

but Poets always influence the ways society view their world.

Poets have the ability to cross boundaries of expectations,

they possess the ability to see life through the lens

of different perspectives.

Poets are willing to share their visions with others because

Poets are free-spirited and non-traditionalists,

and they use their ink for freedom of expression.

Poets find their way out of darkness and bondage

because Poets are made and not born.

Poets can never be ranked or classified by others-

there will never be a place to place them

or a word to describe them

because a Poet always evolves.

Poets are passionate, sensual, and romantic,

they can create their love stories and their happy endings.

Poets are sometimes moody, gloomy, and sad,

but they will find a way to bring light to their words.

Poets are not of the norm,

nor do Poets have any form.

They are Poets.














~Yvonne Lott





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