Things I Learnt the Year Before


Some years ago I was asked, “It’s your birthday, what have you learned since the year before? “My response was- without hesitation- ” to live in truth.” I did not expect to respond abruptly.  I had to explore the significance of those words. I’ve determined those words mean it’s alright living in truth and free from the expectations of others.
I can say I am weak when I’m weak. I’m not always strong. 

There’s no reason to feel compelled to say “yes”when I mean”no.” Down-playing my accomplishments aren’t necessary, but I need to remain humble while receiving them. Yes, encouraging others is honorable but encouraging myself is too.

Taking care of my wellness is as much a priority as caring for others. Raising my thinking to a higher order requires some form of spirituality. It is necessary in my efforts to stay focused and grounded.  Renewing my mind daily is a “must” and  necessary to dispel toxic thinking.

Other things I’ve learnt- My experiences are my experiences; therefore, I should avoid judging others by my experiences. Only seek to understand others, and if asked my perspective, it’s only my point of view.

I must keep mindful, perspectives are influenced by my environment. I have either adapted, changed, or conformed to certain perspectives.  I should remember any situation occurring out of my control if a change is desired, I must change.

Listen more, speak less, but when speaking- have something to say. I can’t keep someone down without staying down myself. When I try to limit others I must stay in their position to make sure they do not move. These are some valuable lessons learnt.

Life is too complex for my opinions, or perspectives, to encapsulate it.

Others may not always agree with me but efforts to understand from their perspective will help us understand each other better.  We are in this together. Each person or encounter is an interaction deposited in our thoughts and actions. We either respond positively or negatively, but we are affected.

Finally, I’ve learnt not to expect from others what I am not willing to give. Hurt does not need denial. I don’t know everything- but  that’s alright. I recognize the lack of sufficient knowledge about something isn’t a total sign of ignorance but a need for further understanding.

There’ is not a need to run from love. Surrender to letting love find its way (and it has).  It’s alright being happy. It isn’t necessary to make excuses. Most importantly, I don’t need to be others savior.  I need salvation.


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