Dearest Love

victorian lady writing a letter
Dearest Love,

While I write these words, the violin plays in the background. It soothes my soul to have fond memories of you play in my mind. Like the snow fallen to the ground, and the deer pant for their cover, my soul longs for you.  

Dear love, memories of the love we both cherish refreshes my soul daily. Mere thoughts of the tender moments we share, our soul connection  ushers me into a realm of fulfillment. Beloved, there’s an atmosphere of bliss when I think of you. When you’re not near, my dearest, the heart aches to see you.

My love, I count the days to touch you, desiring our bodies flesh to flesh, to receive the warmth from your embrace is what I desire. Oh how I pray to look into your eyes. For they are the window in which I glimpse into your soul, the place where our love resides. Lover of my soul, my heart beats faint without you near, but when we’re together it is strong.

My dearest, our love is like a running stream in a river, a river which never dries. Our love flows like water flowing into rushing banks and covers every creek.  At those times, we merge as one. Many times, I’ll speak for you, and you speak for me. Our thoughts are magical and transcend time. You’d ask what’s wrong when I’ve never uttered a word, and you’re intuitively right.

Precious memories linger of nights fallen, my tender hands gently rub your tiring feet until you’ve asleep, or of you caressing me with your gentle touch.

Love, while I sit and write this letter, these are the things I cherish when missing your presence. Hurry back my love, the heart longs for you. I’ll wait for you and look into the distance for you.

But, my vision isn’t clear until your silhouette I see. The heart isn’t fulfilled until you come. How I wish you were real.


My heart longs to have a love like you

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