Runaway Bride

Exchange of Vows

MINISTER TO THE COUPLE:  Do you (GROOM’S NAME) promise to take (BRIDE’S NAME) to be united in marriage? Do you consent to live as man and wife in the state of marriage ordained before God and others? Will you both promise to love, comfort, honor, protect in times of sickness, health, and during the times of lack, whether times are worse, sickness occurs, or there are times of joy and happiness? Will your devotion remain to each other and will you both forsake others?

GROOM:  I will.
BRIDE:  I cannot.
(The couple leaves and goes into the vestibule to talk in private)
GROOM:  What is wrong?

BRIDE:  I cannot do this. I thought marrying you would make my heart change. There’s someone else I love. Standing before my family, and God, vowing to love you, and honor you when I know my heart belongs to another is a lie. Hurting you is not my desire, I’m sorry. You’re a good man. You are loving and will make a wonderful husband. Any woman is fortunate to have you. You’re everything I’ve wanted in a husband. You’re a great provider and comfort me when I’m feeling bad. When we’re together, you show me respect, we have so much fun.  How you cared for me when I was sick I’ll never forget.  You are wonderful. Please forgive me. (the bride sobs)

GROOM:  If I mean all those things to you, and I’m willing to marry you, why is he the one who holds your heart?

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