An Exploratory Perspective of American and Ethnic Literature

Why do writers write? Many writers write to share their and others stories. Writers write to provide their perspective of society, religion, politics, education, art, music, and philosophies.

Literature is an interest of mine. While American literature is another interest because it provides the tapestry which our country is founded, I favor Ethnic Literature. Ethnic literature offers the diversity necessary to reflect the perspectives of all cultures.  Although there are many other forms of literature, I will address American literature and Ethnic literature and describe their similarities and differences.

American literature is a plethora of literature that provides different authors interpretation of the social, political, and cultural aspects of society. American Literature is the core of literary works and reveals America’s traditions and beliefs, and it has many branches- one of the branches extends to Ethnic literature. Ethnic literature is the key to seeing the world from a realistic perspective.

The benefits of Ethnic literature is this type of literature adds depth and insight into to the diversity of America. It represents a modern society steadily evolving into a mixture of multiculturalism. Ethnic literature addresses the reality of socialism, racism, politics, religion, and philosophies.

American literature is transcendental. While American literature speaks of the core of America’s existence- the civil wars, post-war experiences, life on the frontier, the revolutionary, industrialization, and the colonization eras, Ethnic literature is more reflective of modern society. Ethnic literature adds richness to literature by providing the substance which validates the core values, principles, and reasons for establishing this country.

Ethnic literature’s content is composed of heritage, diversity, and multiculturalism- all are characteristics that reflect the American dream. Subsequently, like American literature, Ethnic literature is transcendental. Readers of both forms of literature have the opportunity to view democracy from a global perspective. Therefore, both offers readers the inspiration needed to reconnect, reflect, and renew their connection to their rich heritage.

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2 thoughts on “An Exploratory Perspective of American and Ethnic Literature

  1. I shared your post on my social media. My family became multi cultural, as well as diverse religions. We need to understand and practice tolerance with people unlike ourselves and learn why these things are important or we will continue to rip our society into shreds. I, too, spend much of my time writing – and reading the blogs of others. it’s been a wonderful way to get to know other cultures and talk to people from all over the world.

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    1. Thanks for taking time to read my blog and share on social media. I appreciate that you understand the heart of this message, and you also understand the importance of learning others cultural differences. This is important in a diverse society. It helps dispel myths and misinformation.


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