You Believe You Can- Learn You Can’t


A few years ago after attending an instructional workshop on how to teach educational strategies to young school age children., the presenter introduced something still resonating with me. She showed a video presentation from a well-known educator, and facilitator, Dr. Karl Perky. Dr. Perky challenged others to have courage and eagerness in knowing “you can” like students in grades first through third.  Studies show, children in grade levels first through third are generally open, and they are receptive to learning.`

Dr. Perky reminded every one of the days when students eagerly waved their hands after they were asked a question.  Hands were raised anxiously waiting to respond”yes, I can, yes I know the answer,” in some instances even before the question was completed.  They were confident they could answer the question.`

According to Dr. Perky, the enthusiasm of “I can” later gradually  lessen, fewer hands were waved as the students grew older. The reason is- when children reach different developmental stages their consciousness is awakened to their limitations. This change in behavior pattern is attributed to learned behavior.`

To illustrate this – if you watch a small child at the beginning stages of walking, the child moves all over the place because he or she does not have an understanding of boundaries. He or she must learn boundaries and limitations to prevent getting into everything within reach. Until a child learns his or her boundaries, you may need to “child proof” your home.`

As time pass, adults have learned limitations and boundaries that prevent or prohibit reaching their full potentials.  By now, many have heard they”can’t.”  So, how to make a change in patterns? First, it is necessary to know who you are and validate your self-identity.  Having a defined sense of self-identity will allow you the opportunity to move in the direction of your purpose. Second, limitations will become few because your motivation is now fueled with purpose.

Third, your boundaries will become limited because your renewed way of thinking will lead to the belief you can accomplish anything.  Fourth, you will begin to stop believing you can’t and start believing you can.  With a renewed way of thinking, like the eager students, you will begin to take new steps towards limitless possibilities. You will demonstrate a vibrant and renewed confidence in knowing “Yes I can.”

~Yvonne Lott

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