We Are the Voices

I am the voice

crying believe me mommy,

believe me please!

you didn’t’ believe me,

he was your boyfriend,

back to my room,

you told me to go,

you know now,

I didn’t lie,

why didn’t you believe me,

when I cried?


I am the voice,

that needed to talk to you

you knew my struggles,

you knew my pain,

you laughed,

you shrugged me off,

you never had time,

you never listened,

you  told me to get a life,

instead of getting  a life,

my voice is silent,

why didn’t you listen

when I cried?

suicide mi

I am the voice

yelling help please!

He has a knife,

call 911,

somebody, help,

help me please!

But when I yelled,

you passed by me,

Why did you leave,

me alone to die?

Why didn’t you help me,

when I cried?

crime scene image.jpg

We are the voices


~Yvonne L




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