Endless Journey


An endless journey from the Creator

of the universe to the womb,

from the womb, to the road

of endless possibilities,

orchestrated by the ONE

who sent you on your way…


A journey which leads to many

challenges,obstacles, constructions,

detours, twists, and turns.

Sometimes you will travel too fast,

or you’re going too slow.


There are mountains,

valleys,and hills along the way.

Sometimes you may fall low on fuel,

and times you’ll find

you need to refuel.

ROAD 4.jpg

There are times to pull over to check your view,

access where you have been,

or check where you are headed.

In this journey called life,

you’ll meet others along the way,

some will travel beside you, some will stay behind,

others will pass by you.


There are times you will travel one way

or need to take another route.

Some will cross your path to provide guidance,

and some are your path to lead you astray.


Those are the times

you will need to yield;

allow others to go around you

and travel on their way.


In this journey of life,

you MUST stay connected

to the ONE who sent you.

When you arrive to your destination,

if you’re reunited,and back on the right path

despite the roads traveled,

the trip was well-worth it.


8 thoughts on “Endless Journey

  1. I love this Yvonne!! I was just thinking this morning about the “things” in life and how we are always looking forward to crossing off especially those annoying “things.” But Having “things” means we are still here among the living and hopefully to make a meaningful difference.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh, thanks Stephanae. It always mean a lot to me when readers connect to what I am saying. Your words are encouraging especially knowing these are some of the thoughts you were already thinking. Thanks for sharing your observations. Enjoy your day.

      Liked by 1 person

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