The Journey of Life

On the wings of life, I take flight.

Through airwaves of life, I fly free.

Through many doorways, I’m privileged to enter-

Words like Thank you, and you’re welcome, goes a long way.

Flights in life are a journey worthwhile.

Possessing morals and core values as compasses

are indisputably vital.

These contributing factors make me the person I am.

Morals and Core values provide many benefits and privileges,

they’re first class tickets to many places in life.


One life lessons I’ve been taught,

is to do unto others as I would have done unto me- and

not to do unto others as they have done unto me.

Understanding of this concept is no need for reservation-

it makes good sense, and it’s the right thing to do.

Doing what is right cuts down on drama,

and it prevents unnecessary delays.

`I’m not perfect, but my destination is headed that way-

without a sense of direction,

just where I will be?`

Perhaps, heading somewhere and wandering aimlessly.

So, as I travel on this life flight-

I’m thankful to be booked on this journey

I’ll keep in sight the lessons learned along the way

I’m putting my trust in grace to lead me home.


2 thoughts on “The Journey of Life

  1. Reminds of a quote I once said. “Life is a journey and at the end you realize that the journey is far important than the destination.” Thanks for sharing this beautiful piece.

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