A Tribute to Gwen

I’ve never met an angel before I met Gwen,

an angel I had the privilege calling a friend.

We’re told to be careful not to entertain

angels, we’re unaware…

I was very aware she was in my midst.

Gwen was the epitome of a woman pure in heart.

Her zeal and strength were second to none.

She gave of her life unselfishly and unconditionally.

Some may feel one can not live steadfast or godly life.

I beg to differ, although not perfect, Gwen walked

with a stride for perfection and excellence in this life.

Her young spirit was full of grace-

she possessed wisdom beyond her years.

Although she bore no natural children of her own

many children were birth from her loving

and nurturing spirit.

She was a  wife like most men dream of having,

a wife her husband was blessed with.

The both loved each other dearly,

and their love was seen clearly.

She was a dedicated daughter, sister,

aunt, and friend whom others thanked God

for each day.

Though Gwen is not here,

her memories still remain.

I know this angel wouldn’t have taken her flight

without reservations to return home one day.

My sweet friend Gwen lives on-

Not only in my heart but,

all her presence touched.

From my heart with love…

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