An Indiscreet Proposal

Agent Foxy and I are on a mission.

Oh yes, this mission seems impossible.

However, due to certain activities at a location, we’re going inside.We’ve been given this special assignment.

We need help from others. We want to know what really goes on behind the closed doors at this certain undisclosed location, we’re not naming.

It’s important our identity remains anonymous. Who or how many are recruited to assist us in handling this discreet undercover task is unknown.

The mission is to provide the information we’re in search of- without your actions exposed.

Rest assured, no doubt, this is a clandestine operation.

But, there is no fear tolerated in handling this secret affair.

The person(s) undertaking this task should be above reproach and possess intelligence.

Once inside the undisclosed location, they’ll understand why it is important to partake of this matter seriously and discreetly.

Persons involved will receive compensation and accommodation only after they’ve shown their willingness to abide by the rules.


We repeat, DO NOT!!! engage in any illicit or indecent activities with any person(s) of interest.

Now GO! GO! Go find someone to help with this mission before our tempers flare, and it causes us to resort to extreme, destructive, and desperate measures!

(This is a tribute to throw back Black Movies – Cleopatra Jones (Tamara Dobson) and Foxy Brown (Pam Grier) were the brown girls who were the Charlie’s Angels of my day…these women were baaaad to the bones, but in a good way.  They demonstrated women of strength and courage, they stood tall and strong.`

8 thoughts on “An Indiscreet Proposal

      1. No problem 🙂 I loved the poem & I love black actresses in roles where they take charge and fight for the cause! Cleopatra Jones and Foxy Brown were definitely fire back then!

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