I Am A Survivor


While carrying him in the womb-  

doctors told his mother

he might not make it.

He had to be strong.

He had to fight to make it into this world.

It was a struggle to be born.

After almost 30 hours of intense labor,

he proved his will and right to exist.

But, his existence did not make life easy.

He had to fight on the playgrounds

for his turn.

He had to fight to be noticed

by peers who treated

him like he didn’t exist.

As an adult his battles increased.

He had to fight

against mankind.

He faced injustices.

He also faced challenges

with his self-identity.

How could this happen?

The life he fought to live

was now his greatest challenge.

life was now fighting him back.

He retreated to a place within-

he could only occupy.

`He found the same place
that gave him solace and courage

to push beyond boundaries.

It were the walls of his will-

the same freewill

that had given him the desire to live.

`Then, he made a declaration to the world- his world,



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