The Oak Tree

While I sit here looking out my window watching this tall, Oak tree, I can imagine this Oak tree has stood strong throughout many generations.  I’m wondering what’s the history behind this tree? How many years have it endured?  The Oak tree branches spread vast, and its trunk is wide. Amazingly, the arms of its branches cover most of the area where it stands.  I’m sure the Oak tree has taken on a tremendous amount of stress; but, it appears to possess the strength to endure and withstand the elements.

I wonder how many children have climbed this tree, or to whom it has given shelter? I’m sure thousands of animals have sought refuge in it, and its branches are used for their protection. But, some how, this Oak tree does not show the signs of its age.  The tree’s bark is still tight, and its limbs are not loose. This tree has to be over 200 years old.  but, it still provides services for others. It cleans the air, provides oxygen, prevents soil erosion and also provides food, and healing agents. There are so many other benefits this Oak tree does we take for granted.

Many thoughts are running through my mind when I think about society. If we were compared to a tree, could we endure with such stamina in hard times?  Would we show the same grace and dignity of standing despite weathering storms or facing unexpected turbulence?  Are we willing to bow and spread our arms like the tree does when treacherous winds are blown? During these times, could we show the same grace as the tree which waves its branches as though it’s giving praise.  

The more I think about this Oak tree, and all of the nature’s wonders, I am developing a renewed sense of respect for the ecosystem and its natural resources. This tree has taken on its own spirit, and I  feel connected to it and nature.  Like some others, I am concerned about nature and the natural ecosystem- what other ways I and others can give back? Will we continue to show the generosity this tree and nature have shown to others  Will the next generation do their part to preserve, protect, and conserve the ecosystem?

These are the questions I’m sitting and pondering. I can imagine the countless stories this tree holds.  I know when I am no longer around, most likely, this tree will still stand. I am sure the next generations will have their own thoughts and stories too. Many children will continue to play, animals, and others will receive shelter while this Oak tree stands to serve others.

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    1. Yes, there are so many holistic things green products and the natural ecosystem do on our behalf. When time allows, I encourage you to check out some of the benefits. I am happy to have the opportunity to gain your interest in observing a new way. Thanks

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