Yin and Yang


I know some things about cultural symbols.

I know symbols are a form of symbolism –

I know some symbols hold significant weight.

I know there is a belief- of the two forces in

the universe, yin’s force is passive-yang is active.

I know the philosophy of Yin and Yang can represent

balance and balance in relationships are necessary.

I know the concepts of Yin and Yang are liken to-

the law of opposites attracts or complement one


I know I am attracted to you- and you’re attracted

to me.

I know regarding symbolism- there’s talk about

yin and yang forces affect the harmony of the universe.

I believe harmony is necessary to balance relationships.

I believe in the characteristics of harmony,

balance, and force-

I believe the force of love in a relationship carries

tremendous responsibility.

So, I believe like yin and like yang

we’re interconnected-

I believe you’re the yin to my yang,

and I’m the yang to your yin.

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