Life is Fleeting


Enjoy life-

embrace its grace.

Capture it in a snapshot

before its fleeting moment.

Capture the silhouettes of today-

they’re glimpses of time passed.

Tomorrow’s images

tantalizes fulfillment, so

Capture young hearts

while they laugh, and

Capture the old at heart

while they reminisce-

in a few flashes,

laughter of children vanish,

veils are lifted and

old hearts return to dust.

Capture the memories of happiness-

before happiness surrenders to sadness.

Capture the gift of life,

for life is temporal-

Capture life’ presence-

because in its appointed time

it crumbles to the Earth.

Capture life’s journey

and all its milestones-

for there will come a day

life will meet its unwelcome foe

old sepia photos

~Yvonne L

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