Some friends are around since childhood. They have connected either in child’s play, as classmates, neighbors, college associates, acquaintances, co-workers, or from other paths in life. Sometimes the manner of friendship connections can determine how friendship bonds continue.  The longevity of relationships usually continues when friends share similar values.


As time pass, relationships may change.  Meaningful friendships evolve and become more defined and narrowed. In some instances, friendship may necessitate a demonstration of loyalty and commitment during times of adversity. A deeper level of trust may develop as friends display their genuine concern and compassion for each other.  

This type of relational display is recognized when friends may express and show their interest for another friend’s well-being as though they are the ones facing their friend’s challenge or crisis.

There’s a saying “blood is thicker than water.” The implication is family ties are stronger than none family members. But, the reality is- some friends may stick closer than a brother or sister.

Another way to recognize the loyalty of friend,  instead of judging, friends will offer their perspective to provide their friend another point of view.  Although he or she may show support, he or she will not compromise integrity of change stances.  Both parties will respect the others position.


Loyal friends don’t need to talk every day or week to maintain their bonds. Regardless of distance or frequency, a true friend is dependable and willing to lend help or a listening ear.

True friends are revealed over time, they are few. Friendship requires endurance and sometimes testing.  Some friendships are seasonal. Childhood friends may no longer interact later in life as well as college friends you no longer see.  

The reason, as life continues individuals change their perspectives.  Individuals may venture in different directions or embrace different philosophies and values.  Some friendships are fostered later in life.

Oftentimes a relationship may change or diminish between friends who have matured, developed into their self-identity, established new core values, or ventured into a spiritual path which no longer aligns with the existing relationship.  

For this reason, some friendships evolves.  However, it is important to note, relational encounters and experiences are valuable.  These relationships help shape your sense of individualism.


6 thoughts on “Friends

  1. I have some friends who I do not see or hear from sometimes for a very long time. Yet the friendship is as strong as when we last touched base. They are the really ‘close’ special friends – we connect without reserve or judgement. It is a beautiful gift.
    BTW , I’m not sure if I remembered to thank you for the follow last time I visited – so, thank you 🙂

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