Time to Launch?


These last eight or nine years are my transitional years. They’re seasonal years I consider my peaceful journey.  I once shared the story how I knew when it was time to make a major life change. I talked about Eagles. The female and male eagle nurtures their eaglets and then stir the nest when it’s time for the baby eaglets to fly. The mother eagle typically attends to her babies for weeks by feeding and staying with them around the nest during their incubation period. The male normally goes out and find food.

Later as the eaglets are a little older the male eaglets are generally the first to launch and venture out the nest testing their wings. But, prior to this, the transition begins when the eaglets downy feathers are replaced with juvenile feathers. To prepare the eaglets for launching, the mother eagle may hold their food in her mouth away from the nest and entice the eaglets or she may drop food in the nest in intervals causing the eaglets to stir around in efforts to get their food. This causes the eaglets to begin to move away from their resting posture and venture closer to the edge. Some might fall out the nest. But, in the process the eaglets begin to move their wings, inevitably they learn to fly.


Just like the eaglets, there are times to you need to transition into a place of launching away from the place of comfort. Mentally you may feel you’re not ready.  It may not be when you “have the right feeling”. You may feel uncomfortable about changing from the place of familiarity. The right time can include uncertainty and discomfort. But, like the eaglets, rather than over-thinking the process, you must take a leap of faith. If not, you will never know your capabilities. You will limit yourself only to your abilities.

The mother eagle was the source of creating challenges for her eaglets.  She enticed them to pursue their food. She challenged the eaglets to spread their wings by stirring the nest.  When adversities come, embrace them, go through the process, allow adversities to reveal your strengths. If you fail, keep trying. You  will discover persistence you might not have known. Your persistence will lead to determination. Then, determination will lead to the fulfillment of accomplishing goals.

If you’re writing blogs as a result of leaving your comfort levels or overcoming adversities- continue to write. You may discover writing blogs will reveal other levels you’re capable of reaching. Perhaps, you’ll find inspiration to write books, movies, or songs. In other words, like the eaglets, don’t remain too comfortable in one place, take a chance, flex your wings, soar like an eagle.


~Yvonne L

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