Grandmother’s Ancedotes


Grandchildren say the most eyebrow raising things.  I’m sure if you’re grandparents then your grandchildren do too. 

Chance     age 6
Carlin       age 5

Chance:   Carlin, I “don’t got” anymore cookies to give you.

Mimi:       Chance, do not say you “don’t got” say, you don’t have.

Chance:   Mimi, I’m just a little boy. I have plenty time to get all that right.


Chance:  Mimi, how much does an elephant weigh?

Mimi:      I don’t know Chance.

Chance:  Well, can’t you get on that computer and find out?


Mimi:     Chance, how was your first day at school?

Chance:  It was alright. I just didn’t know it was hard work.

Mimi:  What do you mean hard work?

Chance:  You have to walk down the hall in a straight line.

You can’t put your hands on the walls. No talking in line.

Mimi:   Well Chance, I never looked at it that way.

 Just make sure you continue to do what you’re told.

Chance:  Other than that, it was alright.


Chance:  Mimi, can I have some more pancakes with sprinkles on them.

Mimi:      Yes, but wait a minute Chance. (He goes off and plays for about 15 minutes and returns)

Chance:  Mimi, can I have some pancakes with sprinkles

Mimi:      Just a minute Chance.

Chance:  Mimi, I’ve already waited a minute.


Carlin:  Mimi, I told my friend how to get to our house.

Mimi:   What did you tell your friend?

Carlin:  I said, go up and up the street, then turn, if you see a brown house, go straight up the road.

 Our house is brick and have a car in the front of the yard.

Mimi:  (Speechless)

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