Blazing the Trail



Something to think about: There’s a saying, “those shoes are hard to fill.”

Here’s a thought– Why not fill your own shoes? Why not allow your shoes to be the only ones you can fill?

This leads to role-modeling-role modeling is necessary in order to have a source of reference to someone or something when aspiring to accomplish a certain goal or to fulfill a purpose. Its good a goal or mission is accomplished.  But, what about you setting the standard? How do you view yourself? Are you presenting yourself in a manner others can follow? If your footsteps are the one others follow then where are they leading?  What would others encounter on the path you’ve trodden?

Consider this– If your footsteps are not what others consider hard to fill, it’s not too late to get your steps in alignment and blaze a trail of worthy of leaving a legacy behind.


11 thoughts on “Blazing the Trail

    1. Ah thanks:) I know we know others who shoes are hard to fill, but I was thinking could someone say that about me. Thanks for connecting to this piece and sharing your thoughts.

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    1. Thanks Josh, sorry, I’m just responding. I’ve had problems making replies and comments on here. I am happy to here my post caught your attention in a manner you had not considered. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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