Light, images, people, everything is not what you see.

Light reflects, creates illusions, suggests clear is blue.

Light, people, images, everything is not what it seems.

People reflects, create illusions, suggest what is blue is



Images bring clarity to people- provides focus.

Light provides clarity to images.

People bring into focus what is- what is not.

Images, Light, People are suggestive – but



Images, Light, People define- but clarify

Light, images, people-  changes what you see clearly

Light, images, people- changes what you do not see

Light, images, people – They’re all distorted reflections

of Life


Yvonne L.




2 thoughts on “Images

    1. Thanks Josh for always seeming to get what I am trying to accomplish in my work. You are correct, things are not always what it seem.

      Liked by 1 person

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