What If …



HEADLINE (News Flash!) 

Something to think about: What if things were in order and not misplaced from a global perspective. Imagine how the world news and events would read in the headlines. Would the headlines read, “There are no major news or catastrophes today, things are in order? Would the news be sensational enough to read?  Would society subscribe to or continue reading only good and positive news? Imagine if the sub-headlines read”the world remains at peace. Mankind continues to remain generous and kind to each other. Poverty and cancer are eradicated. There are no known major health concerns or epidemics reported. The ecosystem is balanced. Animals are protected and preserved. There are no reported substantial crimes”- would the news media continue to maintain its common denominator in many households? Would our biases on social, religious, and political perspectives of the world and individuals change? Would individuals in society think independently or unified?  Would families and individuals communicate more if there was nothing much to talk about globally?  Would the images of gloom change and mindsets transform positively?

SUB-HEADLINE (News Alert!)

The answer: A high probability these headlines will not happen-because people actions make the headlines


`Yvonne Lott

Written in response to the Daily Prompt challenge – Misplaced (today’s word challenge)



Photo Source: Bing Images

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