Blogger Appreciation Award



I started blogging here at WordPress in February 2016. After a little over 2 months, I’ve met some fantastic bloggers from around the world. In a short period, my life is already enlighten and enriched.  I have goals in mind to inspire, challenge, and encourage, and I am still exploring different styles of blogging presentation.  I am not here haphazardly but with purpose.  With this said, while I do not seek accolades, I do not minimize recognition from my peers or receiving encouraging comments.  I am an encourager too and believe in the benefit of encouraging others. We’re in this together. Whether we all feel connected or not, this is a community. Your words and thoughts matter. They impact the world. For this reason, I attempt to be a good steward of what I write or put out into the universe. So, for those who feel connected, or can relate to my blog, it validates my purpose, thank you. Please be patient as I continue to grow and evolve. Special thanks to Simply Etta D who took the time to recognize me among several bloggers she have chosen to show appreciation. Etta you are appreciated.

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