Choose Your Destination


Something to think about:

Life is a journey including twists and turns- ups and downs.

Often others say “choose your battles” when they’re facing

challenges.  But, instead of choosing battles,  why not choose destinations?

Some battles aren’t worth fighting at all. Some battles don’t lead to

profitable solutions even if chosen  over each other.

Instead of focusing on choosing battles, why not choose to

control the results or destinations desired?


 `Yvonne L


11 thoughts on “Choose Your Destination

  1. Lovely post & in theory I agree with you & try to avoid conflict. Unfortunately some battles are unavoidable (e.g, I’m involved in a long, painful legal custody battle which I have to fight in, otherwise I’d lose my child forever rather than just temporarily) but on the whole it’s a nice ideal to try & aspire to. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Philip for sharing your perspective. You are correct, “some battles are unavoidable” and those are battles we may have no control over. My reference is in regards to taking the high road when one can. I appreciate you understand the spirit of what I am saying. I hope that things work according to its purpose on your behalf. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts Philip.

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  2. Nice poem and something to think on choosing where you want to go in a relationship “destinations” instead of choosing “battles.” In theory very good idea, in real there are some fights you have to pick, or the problem grows bigger and ruins that destination you want to go to.

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    1. Thanks. What you are saying is true. You must know which fights are worth it in efforts to win battles, but you should also keep a goal or destination in mind so that you know what you are fighting for. You are correct it all work together.

      This is the beauty of sharing thoughts and views. It sparks different ways of seeing things, and there is no “one size fit all”perspective in situations.

      Thanks for taking time to share your thoughts.

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    2. Thank you so much. I’m glad you like my site. I’ve been blogging about 4-years and as time goes by I learn more about blogging and writing. Glad you liked the About Me. Added that last week. If you need any help with your blog let me know. The WordPress courses that run two-weeks are a month are extremely useful to help with improving your blog too. Have a great day 🙂

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      1. You’re welcome. Awesome you are becoming more involved. Luck with your challenges. Copying the links and renaming them under the link button should work. If it doesn’t I would ask the WordPress technical support for help. It might be a prob on their end.

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  3. Such positivity – love it! Each battle is merely a stepping stone towards the end goal – becoming a better human being. In my opinion, everg experience should contribute towards teaching you values or worldly views.

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    1. Thanks Camela. I really agree with you. It is beneficial to see life experiences from a positive perspective of teaching values. Hopefully the end result is the journey would produce a better person. By this way, any battles encountered along the way are simply viewed as productive and a part of the making of a better you.


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