Dinner Time – Weekly Photo Prompt



In response to today’s Dinner Time Photo challenge. Submit a photo of dinner time or a picture of your own dinner prepared- here goes:

Dinner time is a special time in many households. While some may not have a formal dinner arrangement, dinner time is a time to gather, even if alone, to take in nutrients which fuel the mind, body, and soul.

I do not have a formal dinner arrangement. My dinner time may vary in the evening. I tend to prefer eating smaller portion meals in intervals at least three hours a part during the day. Normally, I may have only one of two food items for dinner. For me, dinner time is simple and not traditional. Desserts are limited to a few days a week if any.

Here is my favorite go to dinner combination. It is quick and easy but nutritional. I prepare my turkey wings and kale in a crock pot (yes, the crock pot). I usually season my kale with smoke turkey wings


These pictures are not a meal I prepared, but when I do, this is pretty much how mealtime looks. You see there’s no starch or bread, I can go without them. Occasionally, I eat bread. I may include bread or starch in other prepared meals, like sandwiches for lunch, but we’re talking about dinner time.


If I choose a dessert, I prefer sherbet ice cream or some other low-fat ice cream like strawberry. When I choose to splurge, or reward myself for trying to stick to a nutritional regime, I’ll add whip cream and strawberries.


Green tea is my choice of beverage at dinner time and through the day because it is filled with many health-related benefits.


`Yvonne Lott

8 thoughts on “Dinner Time – Weekly Photo Prompt

    1. Hi, yes, turkey wings and kale are my favorite. I do like salads as well. I usually add spinach in my salads. I’m trying to be more of a conscious and responsible eater these days.

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      1. The two looks similar, but the taste is definitely different. I prefer Kale now, but I still have a liking for collards.

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