Skeletons in the Closet – Daily Prompt



Some things are out of our control. Life doesn’t always function as desired. Circumstances happen to us we did not create. As a result, we may feel ashamed, in desperation, hurt, and betrayed by the actions.

Rather than allowing the past to control our present and future, we should seek the peace needed to enter into a place of reconciliation with the menacing skeletons which hunts us and bury what we can’t change.

The mind is the battlefield. Since metaphorically our closet represent our mindset don’t deny skeletons exist. Address them. Do whatever is possible to change the skeletal situation. Move beyond the memorial shrine we place them in.

Some may think life is more complex than that, the reality is, although we can’t  control others and situations already occurred, we can control how we allow situations to affect us. Stop putting time and energy to explain or justify why you can’t move forward.

You can see the closet as a place where things are hidden or see the closet empty of the things you have rid yourself from. Your closet represents a burial site or a memorial. It’s up to you.

Do you have any skeletons in your closet or are they buried?

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