“That’s it! I’m fed up. I’ve reached the end of my rope.  I am tired of fake everything.”

“I’m tired of fake foods with all the process ingredients in them.  Fake foods have no

nutritional value.”

“I am tired of wearing fake eyelashes. I could barely put them on by myself.

I’ve spent too much money on them.”

“I’m tired of seeing this fake money.  My kids lay it around all the time. Besides

fake money is deceiving.”

“I am tired of wearing this fake hair. I can wear my own and save money. I guess

I’ll need to start doing it myself.”

“I’m tired of faking it, it’s time to be real. Fake, fake, fake…”


“Yes, mommy.”

“Go downstairs and take out the trash!”

“Ok, Mommy.”


“Oh, mommy.”

“What Tommy?”

“You know all that money you just threw away?”

“Yes, Tommy.”

“The food you threw out is all mushy on top of it,

and the money isn’t fake, it’s real.”

4 thoughts on “Fake

  1. I need a little fake in my life from time to time, Yvonne (as I sit here with these cute crochet braids in). I can do without a lot of stuff, but when winter hits, I need a little help. 😀

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