Natural Laws in Motion

Certain laws

are already

in motion

you don’t see, 

but they exist.

These laws function

as they’re designed.

Just do your part –

to align yourself

within the rhythm

of things.

Resist moving 

against the grain-

just get in the flow. 

it’ll make life easier

and limit the odds. –

This isn’t

a theoretical argument.

It’s more than rhetoric. 

It’s the laws in motion.

So, move to

the vibration

of its alignment-

Save the pain

of not surrendering

to its relativity.                                                            

We all know some things

don’t make sense.

Things like all

the chaotic madness

in society is not

the natural law of order.

But, the law of cause

and effect is in motion.        

Remember, what you sow, 

you reap.

The law of transmutation

will assure this.

Make sure

you rid yourself

of the negative energy.

Even the Spiritual law

of surrender

promotes the

power of release.

Keep in mind

the energy you receive

comes from the energy

you give out.

Natural laws, 

they exist… 


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