Hello America


Hello, America. I can not keep this locked inside. I’m appalled about social

injustices. This is a public outcry to unlock my feelings about the

contaminated water conditions in Flint Michigan. These poisonous toxins are

in the systems of our children and families.  My thoughts about the long-term

effect from these despicable acts of negligence affecting innocent lives. It is more

than what I can continue to keep locked up.


6 thoughts on “Hello America

    1. I tend to refrain from expressing my stance on some worldviews adamantly, but I felt this was an instance I could no longer sit in silence. I felt liberated even though I mildly touched the surface.

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      1. It can be intimidating to express ourselves over the internet, especially when our views might spark debate. There are a few times when I’ve held back from saying what I really wanted to because I have no idea who’s reading my words. But you’re right, sometimes it’s impossible to remain silent. I’m glad you let your voice be heard on this occasion.

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      2. I could not expressed my reasons better. I have held back for the reasons you described. My purpose is not to divide or incite negatively, we’ve had enough of that. I’m all about empowerment and social justice for everyone.

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