I Give Myself to You


Even when I didn’t know how to love willfully you loved me

unconditionally. I was going through my life and living on

borrowed time, but I didn’t know it, until I begin to learn

love’s true meaning comes from above. Revelation of your

love is a catalyst for my transformation and new outlook.

Since you’re embodiment of love, I’m an image of love.

Your love is in me, and mine in you. Here with willingness,

I am yours …The life I live, it’s yours. It is not mine to  own…

I surrender completely. My love belongs to you  …

I give myself solely to you.

4 thoughts on “I Give Myself to You

    1. Thanks Mary Pamela. Yes, I’m talking about the Lord. The picture image makes reference to Psalm 143:8. This poem is inspired by the reference “I give myself to Thee”.


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