Raison d’être – My Reasons for Writing

Raison D’être

My writing journey began over ten years ago when I was online on another social media site among a community of writers. There, I developed an appreciation of the art.  After seeing other passionate writers creatively exploring various writing styles and forms, whether in short stories, prose, poetry, or blogs was intriguing enough for me to get started on my own journey.

Somewhere in the process, I discovered my inner voice which had remained passive and dominant. I always knew creativity was innately in my core, after dabbing around with drawings, my interest was short-lived. Since I am a proponent for effective communication, it’s befitting writing became a natural interest.

I write to remove layers and reveal the core of my existence while I am transitioning on my peaceful journey.  As a result, I am discovering a lot about myself and the direction of my purpose.

Now that I’ve acquired a passion for writing, I want to cultivate and acquire other ways to display my newly founded passion creatively. I find, blogging leads me in this direction because not only is it liberating, blogging provides a voice.

For this reason, although at times I may  write for my own freedom, I keep others in mind too. These are some of the reasons I write.

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