Imagine This…



Dr. Martin Luther King Jr had a dream.

What if you could dream and your vision came true…

Would you dream big enough to move mountains

and accomplish the impossible?

Would your dream hold the key to reveal secrets

of medical mysteries and cures?

Would your dream be the catalyst for

world peace and unity?

Would your dream provide a beacon of hope

and leave a legacy of a better world?




~Yvonne L


Response to the Daily Prompt Challenge- Today’s word is (Vision)

4 thoughts on “Imagine This…

  1. Powerful questions, Yvonne! History is full of stories of people who believed so strongly in their dreams that they sacrificed everything for them, and devoted all their energy towards making them a reality. Enough of those people achieved enough success to show that dreams don’t have to remain as fantasies.

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    1. You are right Josh. This is the point I wanted to convey. We can dream beyond dreams being fantasy. Dreams like that should be like visions of how we can make a difference. I appreciate that you understand the essence of this small written piece. As always, I appreciate your input and insight.

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