A Tribute for the Graduates



Graduation from high school

and college is no small feat.

Transitioning from twelve years

of education to adulthood

or to four or more years

of college is a journey.

For those like me,

who returned to college

later in years,

this is commendable

and requires will-power as well.

During the educational journey

there are many

expectations to consider

and goals to achieve.

So, once a graduate,

it’s a great accomplishment. 

The persistence should not

be taken for granted.

To all graduates,


Still, it’s only the beginning

of a new chapter in life….

the saga continues…

Life journey

10 thoughts on “A Tribute for the Graduates

  1. This is a big accomplishment indeed! One of the most eye-opening experiences I had was when I attended my older sister’s Master’s graduation ceremony. There we’re so many families that we’re cheering so loudly for the graduates they knew, that at first it annoyed me. Then, although I can’t remember how, I found out this was because many of those students we’re the first one’s in their families to finish college. Then it all made sense. Now I feel like it was a privilege to be able to witness such an important event for those families.

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    1. Yes, that is true. Some are first generation graduates, some like me returned as a non-traditional student returning later in life. Some have beat obstacles like health, finances, and loss. While I was enrolled I lost both parents 8 months a part, and I had surgery.

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