Phases are Necessary



Everything goes through phases whether we’re aware or not.  Even the moon has phases.  Phases of the moon are necessary stages in the earth’s rotation process.

The climate, tides, light, and gravity are some of the key elements associated with and are affected by the moon’s phases.


Just like the moon, women also go through phases in their pregnancy. Each month is crucial and plays a role in the developmental stage of producing a healthy baby.

The health of the unborn is jeopardize each phase isn’t complete. Closest to the end of the gestational period higher the likelihood of the survival rate.


Likewise, relationships and marriages experience phases. Prior to the marriage, the traditional courtship period generally leads to marriage.

Once married, the nestling stage begins with the newlyweds transitional bonding period followed by other marital phases.

During life, there are stages when certain events occur.  Some suffers loss, whether on jobs, loved ones, homes, or relationships. These occurrences can cause one to make adjustments because of unforeseen changes.

For example, a widower or someone suffering the loss of a loved one will need time to grieve in his or her way. The grieving process may require one  to go through bereavement on his or her terms.

A divorce may lead to phases of adjustments, uncoupling is a process. Some will need to adjust income, living arrangement, changes in the home dynamic and their new relationship status when these changes occur unexpected.

What about you? Have you detected or experience a significant or noticeable phase of changes? The challenge is many have not taken time to self-reflect or assess various changes. What phase are you in?


Phases are important and detrimental to growth. It’s never too late to start at any phase. You can start where you are in life by seeking ways to move forward or move out of situations.


There is a spiritual principle, it is also a proverb, which says, “without a vision, the people perish” (Proverbs 29:18). Without a sense of purpose and direction, you are simply existing, but you are not living a life of fulfillment.

7 thoughts on “Phases are Necessary

  1. I enjoyed this post on phases. You mentioned that you can ask questions to examine your life at any phase. That made me wonder that it also might be possible to start a new phase at any time. My husband’s motto is “It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.” I like that because it reminds me that phases sometimes are not constrained by linear chronology. Thanks for your post and I am so happy I found you in the blogosphere. 🙂

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    1. Ah thanks, hi LuAnne. I’m happy you found my site too, and now I can follow you as well. Yes, I believe like your husband, “it’s never too late to have a happy childhood,”I like his motto. In regards to phases, I don’t believe they are constrained to any linear chronological form. We are all on an individual journey, and we internalize differently. I believe our so-called phases began when we have a conscious introspective perspective of life and is measured accordingly. We actually go through many phases unaware, but I believe the point we are conscious we obtain a higher order of thinking. I appreciate you taking time to read and respond. I look forward to our continued journey here in the blogsphere atmosphere.


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