Free Spirits



Free spirits are often known to go against the grain. They do not generally succumb to societal norms. Free spirits are known to think “out of the box.” Many free spirits are creative, independent thinkers, and uninhibited. Rather than travel upstream, free-spirits will go against the grain and find other ways to get up the stream. Free spirits are adventurous. They know there’s more to life. Free spirits do not conform to societal expectations for the sake of conforming, they do things with purpose.


Free spirits are often mistaken for having a carefree personality, they appear to not take life seriously. But, it is not that free spirits are not serious as others are about life. They just do not take life serious enough to stress out. Free spirits find other ways to resolve their concern. Free spirits like to explore the possibilities, they’re visionaries and dreamers. Free spirits explore living in their truth and believe in following their authentic voice. They do not rely solely on the validation or approval of others. Free spirits do not wait for things to happen, they make things happen. Are you a free spirit?

free spirits

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