At the Fork in the Road

fork in road

If you are indecisive, perplexed, or whatever state you arrive

at the fork in the road, you will need to decide which way leads

to your destination one way or another. If not,

you’re never move forward to your destiny. 

what now

You decide.



`Yvonne L.


8 thoughts on “At the Fork in the Road

  1. exactly, you have to be decisive. you can’t be indecisive in life. the problem though is that every decision we make is a gamble so you have to do what you said in your old post, “Sometimes when you’re at the crossroad in life and you don’t know which choice to make-the best thing to do is to contemplate the outcome of your choices.” nice post:)

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    1. Thanks Vincent, you’re correct. At the fork in the road, we certainly want to make the right choices. As you mentioned from my previous post, we do want to contemplate the best choices. I appreciate you adding your perspective.

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    1. Ah thanks :). It was nice running across you at Jacqueline’s. It’s always nice meeting new bloggers at her blog parties. Vanbytheriver sounds like a peaceful journey. At least, the river normally makes one think of serenity and a calm atmosphere. Again, nice meeting you. I appreciate you taking time to visit.

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  2. I think I used a runcible spoon instead of a fork! For I scooped a few bits up in the bowl before choosing which tyne to follow. I came rushing from the blog share and will return to read more soon. Happy blog party and great post. 😇

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