The Epitome of a Wise Woman


A wise woman is not concerned

whether she looks like a Barbie.

She comes to peace with her new”adult”look,

and she wears her “adult size” with pride.

A wise woman does not fret because

she is over thirty-something.

She thanks God for each day of her passing years

and appreciates she is still among the living.


A wise woman doesn’t spend her life

lamenting over past failures but looks

at her disappointments as opportunities

to move forward to her next life lessons.

A wise woman isn’t defined

by a man or the lack of a man in her life.

She realizes if he is in her life she is an

enhancement to his life and he is to hers.

A wise woman doesn’t wait

for others to validate her.

She provides validation with the

confidence she displays in herself.

A wise woman does not compete

among other women to be prettiest of the pretty.

She is comfortable and content with herself

regardless of those around.

A wise woman will not worry or sweat

over the small things. She puts her trust

in the Lord. She does what she can and trust

Him to handle what she can’t.

A wise woman never

doubts her self-worth.

She knows her value

can never be measured.

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24 thoughts on “The Epitome of a Wise Woman

  1. Powerful piece, Yvonne! As we grow older, we must grow wiser. Growing up, I never felt that I was the prettiest girl in the room (and I probably wasn’t), but now in my late 40s, I feel confident despite who else is in the room. Thanks for sharing this post.

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    1. Hi Michelle, the older we get we tend not to major in minor things. I think we finally realize it’s more important how we feel about ourselves than seek validation from others. After a certain age, we finally begin to give ourselves permission to walk in our truths. Thanks for your encouraging words and the follow.

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  2. Inspiring, as always! Thank you for this uplifting message and its underlying validation; maybe we don’t NEED that validation, but it sure FEELS good to get it…

    Many blessings to you, Wise One! 🙂

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  3. Amen!! Love this piece Yvonne. With age comes the appreciation of the deeper things life has to offer and it is so refreshing to arrive at the stage of not worrying about measuring up to other’s expectations.

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  4. i love strong character women and have always been guided and inspired by strong women in my life. your writing is amazing, puts into words what every woman feels and would like to be seen. thank you for sharing

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