Take the High Road


Disclaimer: I am an idealist by proclamation, but don’ let that mislead you to think I’m not in touch with reality.  I seek the good over the bad. I rather look for the positive instead of the negative. When I see obstacles, I seek ways to adapt and overcome them instead of remain in them. I rather be happy than sad anytime. I am an encourager, not a discourager. I uplift instead of tear down. I won’t join your pity party, but I’ll invite you to my upbeat party.  I see hope, not an impossibility. I am on a peaceful journey, not a downtrodden journey. This is a stress-free zone. It is a no parking zone for unloading anger, hatred, or bitterness.  This blog zone is taking the high road.  If you are looking for the low road, it’s to the right.

11 thoughts on “Take the High Road

    1. Ah thanks again. I try to write things whether short or brief that could possibly leave a lingering message of positivity. I know life is not perfect, but I believe imagery means something. Why not provide an image of hope and positivity. I appreciate those like you who have an appreciation for positivity.

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