Anger Management 101 – Take Control



Anger, we all express our emotions, 

and anger is one emotion we experience time-to-time.

But, holding on to anger is like having a trash container

and allowing its toxin to contaminate your soul …

Staying angry with someone holds the other person

hostage in your mind. 

The problem is you are the one bound-

you can’t allow other thoughts in 

Face anger. Don’t let it become your adversary.

Own your feelings, and do not let it become an occupant.

Don’t allow anger to push you to its limit by causing you

to become what angers you.

But, realize, not all outbursts of anger are easily controlled. 

Understand, some forms of anger are sociological, neurological,

psychological related and affects the neural mechanism.

Keep in mind, hurt people generally hurt people.

So, if you need anger management, get help, don’t stay mad.  

Find ways to let go of the minor things that disturb you before

they gradually become a major nuisance.

Remember, nothing last always, whatever is causing your

displeasure face and deal with it.

Mahatma Gandhi

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