I Am the Greatest


“I Am the Greatest,” the infamous words of Muhammad Ali still resounds and rumbles beyond his demise.  As the world’s greatest boxing champion passing is mourned around the world, those knew Muhammad Ali agree he was undisputable a champion of his kind.

Unapologetic was his declarations to the world, he could “float like a butterfly and sting like a bee, the hands can’t hit what the eyes can’t see,” and if you didn’t know it,  he would let you know, “I’m the greatest, I’m young, I’m pretty, I’m fast!”

This champion of a man knew the importance of believing in himself and declaring his greatness. When others viewed him as arrogant, the reality is- if you do not believe in your own greatness and ability to succeed, who will?

Ali’s presence will be missed, but he lives on as one of the greatest boxing champs in the hearts of many.


`Yvonne L

15 thoughts on “I Am the Greatest

  1. one of my father’s idol, my father was a boxer too and we watched all the fights, crowded at a house that had a TV back then….thanks for this lovely post on him…brings back great memories.

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  2. It is sad what happened to him due to his boxing career, for he was hurt terribly through that. But now after many years, he has died and he will always be remembered for being the great boxer he was in his profession. I remember when I was young the words he would boast to everyone. And I know there are many others who remember this famous sports person too.

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    1. Yes, it is unfortunate the toil his profession had taken on him. But, as you say, he will always be remembered as the great boxer. Thanks for sharing your insight and thoughts.


  3. Ali might have come off as arrogant, but his confidence was backed up by extremely hard work. Considering all he accomplished, and how much effort he put into his accomplishments, I think he was perfectly justified in calling himself the greatest. He will be missed.

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