Carpe Diem: Seize the Moment



According to biblical passages, Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, there is a time for all things.  In life, there are seasons for all things. Whether the season is a natural season or symbolic of a seasonal change in one’s life, nothing stays the same. Each passing day or year is the beginning of something new.

The young will grow old and lay aside their folly and the old, once vibrant, becomes feeble.

Redeem the time at hand. If you’re a youth, enjoy your youth. Play hard, have fun, be childlike.  If you’re older, enjoy life, live it instead of existing in it.  Live your life with purpose.

At times, we have a tendency to live in the “fast lane” or put things off for “some other time. ” What is a better time than your present moment?

Why spend time reflecting over time passed in order to gain an appreciation of the past?  I admonish you to “carpe diem,” seize the moment!

I really admire some youth seem to possess an “old soul.” They garner an appreciate of wisdom passed on from their elders and use it advantageous early in life.

As a child and teen, I wasn’t really “playful.” I was an introvert and thought very analytical; therefore, most of my time was spent as an observer and internalized world events while my siblings were enjoying their youth.

In other words, I preferred quiet time. I was inquisitive. I often pondered how the world was created? How do we know there is a God, and if so, who created Him? Where do we really go when we die? I couldn’t imagine there was a place some would end in for disobedient since God was a loving creator. These were too weighty concerns for a youth.

Ironically, now I’m an adult,  I’ve learned to play more. I enjoy dancing, listening to music, laughing, and allowing my heart to become merry.

The point I’m making, it does not matter what stage or age you are- learn to let the heart sing. Smile often. Laughter really does the heart and soul good. Seize the moment!


12 thoughts on “Carpe Diem: Seize the Moment

  1. such wisdom in this post Yvonne, appreciate you sharing the small definite steps you went through to know yourself better. writing like this keeps me coming back to your blog. wishing you well always Gina.

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