Life is More Than a Smooth Ride

Growing up as a youth, like many youths, I thought becoming an adult was the ultimate thing to do. After all, you get to do what you wanted to do, I thought.

Well, not quite, life is not without resistance as my naive mind supposed.  As a teen, you’re viewing the world from different perspectives. According to my young perspective, I did not figure in a lot of things most adults already knew.

Living a sheltered life as a youth, I was not one to cause a lot of problems. Parenting was different than now,  I find partly because many teens of my era did not want to face the consequences of discipline.

Admittedly, most of my rebellion started in my mid-twenties. In other words, finally I could make independent decisions. Some of my choices as an young adult were good and others were not. It was not until my adult years I began to learn life is more than a smooth ride.

Fortunately, I didn’t sow my wild oats in alcohol, drugs, partying, and things of that nature.  My challenges were making costly decisions. I’m not referring to monetary cost although I’ve had plenty challenges and lessons to learn about finances, too.  One thing I’ve learned, a challenge is a challenge regardless of its intensity or dilemma.

On my journey, I wouldn’t change my path or course because each step has become the making of me. If everything was smooth and easy for me, I’m not sure if I would possess the wisdom I have now.

How could I or anyone encourage others without ever having any challenges? How could I convince others the sun will shine after dark days without knowing it will?

If you’re experiencing bumpy rides, hold on. If you’re experiencing smooth ones, brace yourself. Life is full of twists and turns.

Make sure whatever path you take, you’re in to endure the ride of your life.


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