A Love Connection



HE and I

connected from the beginning.

Something about his energy-

had a gravitational pull on my heart.

He felt it too-

it was undeniable.

We didn’t know until he left-

the magnitude of our past interaction.

Now, fast forward-

he’s back.

Our hearts are like a magnetic field.

We’re connected

stronger than before.

We know now

what we felt then-

the velocity of our soul’s connection

neither time

nor space

could disintegrate

our incombustible love connection.

10 thoughts on “A Love Connection

  1. Yvonne, I met my wife the 3rd week of April 1977, She took my breath away, We were married June 24, 1977…and have been inseparable since, and each morning she awakens and open her eyes and smiles my way she still takes my breath away and the 24th of this month it will be 39 years! I pray that you will be blessed in your life the same way and even better! Hugs and blessings dear sister!

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    1. I really appreciate you sharing how you are blessed to have the love of your life. From the time frame you mentioned you both met and married, it has to be a divine connection. It was an inner knowing you both shared. I am always happy and inspired when I hear anyone openly share their love and adoration for their spouse, especially men since women tend to express their feelings a little more often. Congratulations on the both of you approaching 39 years of marriage, an admirable milestone you both should be proud of experiencing. Again, thanks for sharing and being an inspiration not only to me but others too. May goodness and mercy follow you.


    1. I couldn’t agree anymore. “There is no more powerful connection than with the Creator.” Because of His love for mankind, He created mankind and allowed mankind to experience a loving connection in an union. He being the thread which binds. “A cord of three threads is not quickly torn apart.” Ecclesiastes 4:12.


  2. Lovely poem Yvonne! It reminds me of the heart connection I share with my heavenly Father, and the unending love I have for my husband. We met as teenagers, have loved and respected each other for almost thirty years, and look forward to many, many more! What a blessing to be the undeniable center of another’s heart 💕. Have a wonderful day.
    Blessings, Crystal

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