It’s All in the Eyes


It is said, “the eyes are the window to the soul.”

The eyes hold many secrets untold.

The eyes reveal hidden treasures kept.

The eyes provide glimmers of light reflections in

dark places.

Through the eyes, truth, and lies are sometimes


The eyes have caused many to fall under the spell of its intrigue.


Some are the object of admiration from a mere twinkle.

Many have given into fantasy with the blink of an eyelash.

A wink is the start of many romances.

Some have declared love by the look of love in one’s eyes.

The power of the eyes shouldn’t be taken lightly-

Evil eyes are dreaded by many who’ve crossed its paths.

Some fate and lot were determined by an”eye for an eye.”

Some has been under the spells of its sensual vibes.

Even emotions are revealed from tearing eyes.

Happiness is often expressed in just a sparkle.

Whether the eyes are truly the window to one’s soul or not,

it’s for certain the eyes truly guide for one soul of another.

~Yvonne L

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