Natural, What is Natural?


Today’s daily prompt word is natural. When I think of what to write about natural, I started thinking about the meaning of natural. In today’s modern society, I asked myself, is anything really natural these days? While more people are conscious of the ecosystem, the benefits of eating healthy, more use of natural products, others like myself are choosing to wear our natural hair rather than have hair chemically processed and so on, I still consider how much of anything is really natural.

So, what is natural? There are several variations of natural. One is considered natural if he or she possesses a skill, trait, or tendency which seems to come at ease. Natural is considered the pure or original state of a product or substance, and natural is referred to nature’s resources.

However, products and natural resources are often tampered with, and they’re not allowed to flourish in their pure state of origin. The balance of nature is often simply unbalanced, so to speak, because of man-made disturbance and manipulation. Individuals are often swayed, contaminated, and influenced by other forces, primarily technology, therefore the natural way of thinking or seeing things are often altered.

So, I ask again, do we really know what is natural anymore? Is natural a reality or a perception? Just a thought.

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