I’m going to stand here until I can get someone to stop.

My feet are tired, and I’m tired of walking these streets.

If I can get Tom, Harry, or someone to stop,

then I’ll be on my way.

Well, I’ve been here about thirty-minutes.

I know I’ve walked around this block

at least three times.

I can’t stand here all day.

I’ve already wasted time and money.

Finally, looks like someone coming over,

oh I don’t believe it, he’s heading another way.

Sir, please, can you come over?

He acts like he doesn’t hear me.

Well, lucky for me, there’s

another one walking away.

What’s wrong with these people?

Is it the shoes or socks I’m wearing?

If I can get at least one person to stop,

I will be well on my way.

At last, someone has decided to stop.

Looks like they’re heading my way.

Thank you for stopping.

I’ve been here on this

busy street for awhile.

Sir, I lost my cellphone, I’m lost.

Can you tell me how to get to Windsor Street?

I’m late for my modeling assignment.

We are often judged in society by stereotypes.  Perception can distort and prohibit authentic social interaction. Perception blinds individuals  from the truth, and it blocks others from seeing the heart and soul of an individual.

This is a re-post, yes, when I feel there is need to re-post, I do. My creativity has not ended, I write with a purpose. There are times I find the message is pertinent and poignant for current events and trends.

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