Bullying has Many Facets


Bullying is a form of intimidation that allows the bully to exert his or her superiority over another who is perceived as the weaker vessel with the intent to manipulate, control, or create fear. In today’s society, bullying is not limited to the school yard fight or social media, it’s given an agenda, and it has a platform. It can come in the form of a media outlet, certain interests, or ideology.  Bullying breathes an atmosphere of fear. Don’t be the silent spectator, recognize it, and speak up when, and if, necessary. Bullying is a cowardly despicable act regardless of how and who it’s presented by. Bullying, it’s real.  To promote, encourage, or condone bullying blurs the line between the bully and the spectator.



`Yvonne L


8 thoughts on “Bullying has Many Facets

    1. Bullies tend to bully to compensate for shortcomings. A confident person has no time to demean others to magnify his or her existence. Bullies are primarily seeking attention by means of suggestively highlighting perceivably weaknesses of others to compensate for a deficiency they actually process.

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  1. Bullying is everywhere not just in school and not just the pupils either. Teachers bully, work colleagues, people you do not know, family i.e parents and siblings the list is endless. Sometimes it takes a great deal of courage and strength to deal with them. You should not keep quiet as this gives them power over you. Good post.

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    1. Thanks for adding your perspective. You brought out the essence of my post. Bullying is not limited to school and pupils. It comes in many forms and from different walks of life and professions as you have mentioned. Thanks for sharing!

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